The Polar Express

Author/Illustrator: Chris van Allsburg

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Company

Publication Date: 1985

Genre: Fantasy Fiction, Holidays

Audience: Gr. Gr. K-5,

Awards: The Caldecott Medal

Overview: This is a timeless tale of Christmas that will excite any child and spark imagination. Warm illustrations catch the reader’s eye and are a positive addition to the story. Vivid descriptions and rich language tell the tale of a young boy regaining his faith in Santa Claus on his late night train ride to the North Pole.

Activity: While reading the book have students sit in their chairs as if they were on a train, give them a ticket and have them board the train. Ask students to describe the sights they see as they ride to the North Pole. After reading, have students design their own bell on paper.

Reviewer’s Name: Alison Jakovics