Diary of a Fly

Author/Illustrator: Doreen Cronin, (Illus.) Harry Bliss
Publisher: Harper Collins Childrens
Publication Date: 2007
Genre: Picture Book, Fiction
Audience: Gr. K-4

Overview: This dynamic duo is back with the adventures of a fly. This is a perfect introduction to entomology. Written in diary format, Fly writes about all the things he learns in school about being a fly: He can move at 4.5 miles per hour, can see in all directions at once, and beats his wings 200 times a second. The tongue in cheek humor will catch even readers who dislike bugs!

Activity: After reading this book, Diary of a Worm and Diary of a Spider, choose a new creature to research. Present the information in a diary format. For fun, send it off to the author. Who knows? YOU might have inspired a new book!

Reviewer’s Name:
Deb Marciano