Title: The Hare and the Tortoise
Author/ Illustrator:
Brian Wildsmith
Oxford University Press
Publication Date: 1966
Awards: None
Genre: Fable
Audience: Gr. 2, 3

Brian Wildsmith’s adaptation of the popular fable by La Fontaine is absolutely amazing. He compliments a basic retelling of the well-known tale with breathtaking illustrations filled with complex use of color. When the tortoise challenges the hare to a race, the hare is extremely confident. Why wouldn’t he be? The hare is much faster, plus the tortoise has to carry his house on his back. However, the tortoise is very wise. Is it possible that somehow the tortoise can figure out a way to beat the hare?

After reading the story to the children, show them the illustrations again. Show them the multiple colors used throughout the story, especially how beautifully colored the owl and flowers are. Using paint, have the children try to recreate Wildsmith’s illustration style.

Reviewer’s Name:
Tommy Kurtzman